Helping Under-Equipped Teachers and Schools Around the World.
 We bring hope and help provide the path to reach their potential.

Who We Are

Teach Global is an organization in the United States that takes a diverse team of volunteers with various experience in education and leadership to different parts of the world to assist in schools and train teachers. Teach Haiti started in 2014 with an initial teacher’s conference held in the country of Haiti sponsored by Hope Church in Lagrange, Il. This concept of assisting different school systems and teachers in other countries took root and evolved to what is today Teach Global.

Our organization is supported by educators who give their time and dedication to bring best practices and resources for needy schools and organizations around the world. Our volunteers come from all levels of the education system; they consist of teachers, administrators and staff members. We are a group that has a passion to impact the lives of children, educators and schools at all levels. We strive to provide resources and training for those with a calling for teaching children.

Reaching Not Only The Community Around Us, But The World In Its Entirety

How We Help

Teach Global takes a group of Christian volunteers with various levels of educational experience to lead seminars and various workshops to different countries.  Conferences usually consist of attendance of over 100 teachers. Conferences open with a whole group session.  Teachers then break off into groups to attend various training workshops.

Types of training can include, classroom management, student engagement, cooperative structures, close reading strategy, lesson planning, and use of visual models to name just a few.   The administrator training includes sessions for leadership, and vision casting along with growth strategies. We also provide teachers and administrators resources and materials to use in their classroom and schools. We strive to leave the educators and administrators more equipped to teach and motivate their students in the classroom.

Providing Teachers & Administrators With Training, Resources & Materials for the Classroom

Join Us In Our Missions Of Hope